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December 2016

Dan Ebner presented “Decedent’s Trust and Estate Administration” for the Illinois State Bar Association.

Dan presented this content for attorneys involved in the administration of a decedent’s estate and/or for those responsible for administering trust estates. He discussed which steps are essential, which deadlines are important, and how to handle potentially tricky areas like tax issues. This presentation was designed to provide attendees with the information they need to complete the administration of a decedent’s estate or their client’s trust account.

Attorneys with basic to intermediate practice experience who attend this seminar learned: How to prepare for the first client meeting; What their duties include as a representative or trustee; How to determine whether or not formal probate is necessary; Why it’s important to find appropriate and ethical appraisers for their client’s assets; How to handle assets that require particular attention, such as real estate and businesses; When the Deceased Spouse Unused Exemption can be used; What their professional responsibility obligations are and how to handle conflicts of interest; How to reopen an estate when necessary and Which types of litigation are typical in a decedent’s estate or trust estate administration.

Dan examined the representative’s duties, how to balance confidentiality with the duty to disclose; how to determine who has the right to certain information; one’s professional responsibility obligations; drafting engagement letters; and how to handle conflicts of interest.

Dustin DuBois