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May 2016

Ray Prather presented on planning strategies for clients with larger net worths for the Illinois State Bar Association.

This full-day seminar provided 6.50 MCLE hours, including 1.00 Professional Responsibility MCLE credit hours (PMCLE credit subject to approval). It offers practical advice from experienced estate planning attorneys on how to effectively run an estate planning practice.

New attorneys, young attorneys, and attorneys with limited experience in estate planning who attend this seminar learned: The purpose and limitations of powers of attorney; The importance of obtaining an accurate value of a client’s assets; Challenges of representing couples jointly; How to create a successful management process for estate planning engagements; How and why to use engagement and disengagement letters; How to advise clients with both large and small net worths; The types of clauses to use when drafting an estate plan; How to handle clients with limited or diminished capacity; What to do when your client is being pressured by an outside party and more.